About Color Adobe Illustrator

About colors in digital graphics the color model used to describe the colors we see and work with digital graphics. each color model, such as RGB, CMYK, or HSB, a method that is different from the description and classification color. Losmodelos color using numeric values ​​to represent the visible spectrum of color space color.Un It is a color variant unmodelo has a certain range (range) of colors. For example, in a color model There are a number of RGB color spaces: Adobe RGB, sRGB and Apple RGB. Although this color space defined The same three axes (R, G and B), they are different gamut. When working with color charts, they are actually adjusting numerical values ​​in the file. Very easy think of color as a number, but the numeric values ​​that color is not absolute: it has a meaning the colors in the color space that the device produces. Because each device has its own color space, it can only reproduce colors in its range. when images move from one device to another, image colors may change because each device interprets the RGB values or CMYK color space according to their own. For example, it is impossible for all the colors you see on the monitor identical to the one printed on a desktop printer. A printer operates in a CMYK color space, while which unmonitor not in RGB color space. they are different gamuts. Some colors produced by inks puedenmostrar in unmonitor and AllPages they reveal some colors that can not unmonitor reproducirmediante the use of ink on paper. RGB Most of the visible spectrum can be represented by mixing red, green and blue (RGB) in the proportions and different intensity. In a place where the colors overlap, cyan, magenta and yellow are created. RGB colors are called additive colors because white is made by mixing red, green and blue, that is, all light This is reflected and captured by the eye. Color additives used for lighting, televisions and computer monitors. he Monitor, for example, creates color by emitting light through red phosphor, green and blue.

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