Adobe Illustrator, Outline mode versus mode Preview

Adobe Illustrator offers several options when we want to see the results of our illustration design. here we can find
how to find views and create and customize our own views.
Working in Outline mode versus mode Preview
Previously, if everyone working in Outline mode (originally called Artwork mode). in Outline
mode, we only look at the guts of the artwork path without filling the picture (fill).
To see what it looks like illustrations to fill, we
should switch to Preview mode. Typically, the preview was not quite what he had in mind, but for
make changes, we have to switch back to the line, and then preview again to check, and so on.
Many users of Illustrator of the time called it the golden age - with no traces of
Today, Illustrator allows us to edit our work in both Outline and Preview modes. we can also
print documents from either mode. Saving a document when we are in Outline mode is not
affect anything in the document, but the next time you open it, it will show in Outline mode. it
The same goes for the Preview mode: Whatever mode we are saved by works of art.
we can not undo Preview or Outline mode changes (for example, going from Preview to Outline).
If we make changes to Preview or Outline mode and then close your documents, Illustrator request
if we want to save the changes, which in this case refers only to changes in appearance. flow
view mode is always displayed in the title bar next to the name of the document.

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