Photoshop, Layer duplicate

By duplicating the first layer, we can work on a copy of the image and not the original, but not limited to duplication of the entire layer, we can duplicate only parts of a layer.
Photoshop layer is the layer where the image is placed. The images in Photoshop CS may consist of several layers that contain various pieces of the image
form a unified picture utuh.Layer placed in layers to form a new image.
Photoshop layers are like sheets of stacked sheets.
We can see through the transparent areas to underlying layers.
We can make duplicates of a particular layer to facilitate us in designing.
Duplication of this layer can be performed on the same image file or image files duplicated on another.
Steps we need to do to make duplicate layer, are:
Select the layer that we want to make duplikasinya, then select it and click the menu Layer> Duplicate Layer.
Duplicate Layer dialog box will appear

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